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Spotlight: The Patented Protea SlimShot!

We believe in holistic and natural approaches to helping our patients. The Protea path is one paved with in-depth insights gleaned from ongoing and thorough testing. We dig deeper, we go beyond your complex web of symptoms. We dig to the root cause. We’ve developed a variety of proprietary Protea Intra Muscular Shots to aid […]

The Cost of Crash Diets – An In-Depth Examination of the hCG Very Low Calorie Diet

It’s summer. And society is screaming at you about “beach bodies!” And maybe you’re genuinely, and dangerously, overweight — and you do really need to shed pounds. Regardless of your circumstances, trendy and flashy crash diets are — sadly — always “in style,” but never any good. And one trendy crash-diet that has been really […]

I Can Breathe Clearly Now

A few weeks ago, I went for a sunrise run, feeling energized in the breezy almost dawn. Toward the end of my usual 3-mile loop I noticed the pretty play of pink sun rays against yellow flowers on the trees. As I stopped to take a photo, I realized something: I was running outside, during […]

Food Allergies & Weight Gain

Our bodies are complex. Many of our day to day habits can affect us in areas of our lives we’d never expect. For example, I have seasonal eczema which is exacerbated by all soap products and even certain temperatures of water. Now, I value cleanliness… I never once thought that my soap usage was actually […]

Bioidentical Hormones: An Alternative to Synthetics

In this month’s newsletter we said, “At Protea we believe your health comes before our bottom line.” That statement couldn’t be more true. That statement is the seed idea behind certain big choices we make. E.g., we don’t treat people with synthetic hormones, instead, we use bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are identical in molecular structure […]