Featuring: LightSheer® Duet, Flinch-Free Laser Hair Removal
Now you can eliminate unwanted hair comfortably and in much less time. Our new Light Sheer DUET laser brings the hair follicle closer to the treatment head with new vacuum assist technology.

The benefits are significant and include:

  • Up to 75% faster treatment time.
  • No topical anesthetic cream, cooling gels or cooling devices needed.
  • Virtually painless with no downtime.
  • Safer than traditional laser hair removal systems.
  • Great for large treatment areas. Especially the stomach, arms, back, shoulders and neck for men.

Women are finding this to be the best hair removal solution for the legs, bikini area and underarms. This ingenious solution offers new advantages. Gentle suction slightly stretches the treatment area which allows the laser light to interact more efficiently with the desired target, melanin in the hair follicle. Less energy is lost to pigment in the skin and blood flow in surrounding tissue. Nerve endings are stimulated by the vacuum, “fooling” nerve endings into perceiving less pain. The vacuum pulls the hair follicles closer to the diode surface. This allows for deeper penetration, with a reduced need for laser energy (about 60%.) Ultimately treatments are safer and more comfortable.

With this new technology, many men are now able to consider laser hair removal. Before this, it was simply too long, painful and expensive. Now there’s a quick, comfortable solution to what can be an embarrassing problem.

LightSheer DUET Vacuum Assist Technology

  • 1) Vacuum pulls skin into the hand piece. This brings hair closer to the laser pulse, gently compresses tissue & surrounding vessels & temporarily displaces blood.
  • 2) Skin senses pressure instead of laser pulse, which uses less energy. Heat builds up & damages hair follicles & their ability to regrow.
  • 3) After treatment, client can resume normal activities.

In some cases, the LightSheer Duet isn’t a good fit. For these clients we offer additional laser hair removal choices. Call 480-557-9095 to schedule your appointment and learn how unwanted hair can easily be a thing of the past.

Patient results may vary.