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At Protea, we believe food is the cornerstone of good health. What we put into our bodies creates a powerful ripple effect, affecting how we feel, perform, live and look. What we eat is just as important as how we eat and when we eat. Countless books have been written about what to eat and what to avoid, with promises of results stemming from small and incremental to large and life-altering.

The result? Confusion and a strange relationship we have developed with food. We want to break down some myths about nutrition and eating, in order to empower you to make choices for your own body. Each bite you take either adds to good health or takes away from it. We want to treat the whole person preventatively and holistically with nature’s most powerful tool: food!

We also believe that food, with the ability to feed your cells, fuel your muscles, increase your vitality and strengthen your longevity, is just part of the puzzle. Just as important to wellness is what we call “primary foods:” social and emotional aspects of your life which require balance as well. We will also explore this subject in our weekly posts.

We love to help, listen, and guide you in your path to optimum nutrition and disease prevention. After all, life is complicated but nutrition doesn’t have to be. It can be delicious, fulfilling, fun, and empowering. Let’s dive in!


“Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one feels thirsty, or forging weapons after the war has already begun.”
– Nei Jing , 2nd century BC

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  • I Can Breathe Clearly Now

    Have you wondered if you have a food intolerance? Do you feel bloated when you eat certain foods? Have you gained a few pounds and can’t figure out why or where they came from?

  • The Road to the Cupboard

    Have you found yourself in front of the cupboard during a commercial, searching for something sweet or salty to much on?

  • Deconstructing Patterns

    Patterns become a part of the tapestry of our days so much that we forget the work involved in the process.

  • 3 Tips to Rev Up Your Nutrition - Right Now!

    Open a heath magazine, and you’ll be inundated with tips, “secrets” and rules promising weight loss and more. It can be simple, though, to get started on a healthier you for the New Year. As simple as three health tips to start implementing now, a little more each day, until they become a habit.

  • Be Merry, Bright...and Gentle on Yourself

    If you find yourself feeling anxious about gaining a few pounds this holiday season, know that you are not alone. Read on for my five best tips to go easy on yourself this month, and how to get back on track January 2nd.

  • December Self-Care

    Do you find yourself feeling over-extended now that December is upon us? With the holiday season comes extra stress, which may lead to overeating and adrenal fatigue. Included in this article are ideas for practicing self-care on a daily basis, which helps our nervous systems reset and thrive.

  • Got Sugar?

    Sweet tooth got you down? Is your brain screaming for chocolate? On the keto diet, sugar cravings can feel overwhelming.  Don’t be discouraged: be empowered, knowing that your body dynamics are shifting as you take on a new way of eating.  We have found some “tweaks” and recipes that will help you through these cravings while staying on point. Read more to unlock this week’s secret!

  • Ketosis. Funny Name, Serious Results

    Keto Diet, Ketosis, Macros. These seem to be ‘buzz’ word in diet and nutrition lately . But what do they mean? Macros are the three macronutrients that comprise all foods: protein, carbs, and fat. Learn more about Ketosis in this post and sign up for Protea’s Ketosis November Challenge to experience it yourself. And get ready to shed some fat before the holiday season starts.

  • Rocket Soup on an October Afternoon

    Sometimes simple is best for family cooking. Here’s a favorite Fall soup recipe that offers whole nutrition, clean ingredients and robust flavor. And your picky kids may just enjoy it as well.

  • The Choices We Make

    Don’t be fooled by marketing messages and how people project themselves: creating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for yourself requires choices. We makes choices every day, some good ones, some not so good. Forget perfection:’ working towards the healthiest version of yourself requires hard work and dedication. Choose empowerment over perfection and you will succeed in reaching your nutrition and wellness goals.

  • How to "Blue Zone" Your Life

    The secret to longevity isn’t held in a magic potion or mythical fountain of youth: but, rather, in nine real life, simple tools we can incorporate today. Inspiration can be found in five global Blue Zones, where residents live longer and better than anywhere else in the world. Read on to find out more.

  • "Faux" Gourmet, Today

    If you find yourself stuck in a rut about the “D” word (dinner), you’re in great company. Below is a much loved dish I stumbled upon years ago that has become a kitchen staple. Always a crowd pleaser, and surprisingly easy. Cooking healthy, whole foods can be simple and fun – whether on a mellow Tuesday night or for Sunday family dinner.

  • Fat as Friend

    Healthy fats over the years have gotten a bad rap in our society. If you have a love/hate relationship with eating Fat, you’re not alone. We need healthy fats to fuel our bodies and nourish our brains. An added bonus? Our bodies become lean, mean, fat burning machines.

  • Food Detective 101

    Are you tired of other people telling you how or what to eat to feel your best and/or lose weight? We may have the solution for you. Read on to hear how you can empower yourself to become your own Food Detective and discover your unique vitality and wellness.