Reviewing Dr. McCarthy & Celeste’s Ketosis Progress

We take health seriously at Protea, and we believe the holistic and natural approach to health is best. When we make recommendations, we make them because we believe they are the best courses of action — and they are the courses of action we follow ourselves.

One powerful and recent example of this is when Dr. McCarthy and Celeste went on a 4-day ketogenic diet and insulin flush protocol. This lasted from June 19th through June 22nd, 2017. Dr. McCarthy and Celeste demonstrate how careful and precise you need to be when experimenting with this diet. Their journey also speaks to the challenges that the ketogenic diet may present. But, you will see by the end of these videos that the rewards were well worth the effort.

So take a seat, grab a snack (keto of course, maybe some olives, some almonds, an avocado?), and follow Dr. McCarthy and Celeste on their 4-day journey with the ketogenic diet.

Ketosis for Weight Loss

Day 2: Insulin Flush/Ketosis Side Effects

Day 2 getting into Ketosis

End of Day 2 and the Challenge of Taco Tuesday 

Day 3 of Ketosis and Insulin Flush the Benefits Begin

Finding a Ketosis-Friendly Lunch at Wholefoods

Day 4 in Ketosis

Final Ketosis Weight-Check-In to See the Results

Celeste’s Day 5 Final Check-in