Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Creek

Testosterone is the primary male hormone and is naturally produced by the body, in the greatest quantity, in the testes. Testosterone levels begin to decrease around the age of thirty and will gradually decline as a man ages. This decline in men’s testosterone can be potentiated by environmental and lifestyle factors and will lead to many unwanted health issues.

At Protea Medical Center, we help our male patients lose body fat and gain muscle & energy with testosterone replacement therapy.

With TRT, most men report dramatic increases in quality of life. They have much more energy, better stamina, increased muscle and decreased fat, and an improvement in their ability to concentrate and remember things. All of a sudden they are being active well into the evening again, enjoy great sex, can catch up to the grandkids, and hit that golf ball 40 yards further. Sexual performance also improves and TRT may even reverse erectile dysfunction (ED). Our TRT patients tell us they have regained their “edge” and feel and look younger. All of these improvements are in addition to the dramatic decreases in the risks for the serious diseases.

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Getting Here from Queen Creek

For our Queen Creek patients, our Chandler location is most convenient. We’re only a short drive from Queen Creek and will certainly be worth your time.

Directions from Queen Creek:

    • Get on AZ-202 W in Mesa from Ellsworth Rd
    • Follow AZ-202 Loop W to S Dobson Rd in Chandler
    • Take exit 49 from AZ-202 Loop W
    • Follow S Dobson Rd to W Ray Rd
    • End at 1949 W. Ray Rd, Suite 10, Chandler, AZ 85224
    • Corner of Dobson & Ray