• Jessica D. - 07/05/16 -

    Dr. Mcarthy was great!  Unlike normal doctor visits, where you are in and out in 15 minutes. He listened, and really heard what ALL my concerns were not just one at a time. He made me feel at ease, and really make me feel comfortable and trusting that they would do what they can to get me healthy. I really appreciated his gentle approach. I am looking forward to working with him closely.

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  • Sarah B. - 06/30/16 -

    My friend suggested Protea and my husband went in first. I finally went to my appointment yesterday. I ended up seeing Dr. McCarthy. I was nervous and he was very compassionate and thoughtful. He saw through my tears and was able to give me information that I understood. The office staff was exceptional and they exemplified what good customer service should be like. I highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing less than ideal health and they want a holistic approach to treatment.

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  • Kari P. - 06/20/16 -

    I’m in agreement with the others, best doctor I’ve ever had. I love them! I met Dr. McCarthy over a year ago, and I am in a completely different place with my health thanks to him and his wonderful team. I received professional, personalized service based on my specific needs. If you are looking for a unique experience, personalized to you, this is it. I’d recommend Dr. McCarthy and his team 10 times over.

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  • Doug Q. - 03/19/2016 -

    5 stars isn’t enough. I couldn’t recommend Protea Medical Center more. The guidance of Dr. McCarthy and his staff is the reason for my over 35lb weight loss and 8% fat loss (and still going) in 7 months, at age 40.

    The combination of weight loss and testosterone therapy have me feeling better than I could have imagined. My energy levels are as high as ever and athletic performance is as good or better than when I played college hockey.

    Schedule the appointment. You’ll wish you had done it sooner.

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  • Anne P. - 01/28/16 -

    I love this place. I KNEW something was wrong with me, and Dr. McCarthy helped me get my thyroid in check. He explains everything very well. And, he always reminds me to call with any questions/concerns because as he says “his house is my house”. Our insurance does cover him too! Yay!
    He WILL help you get to the root of ANY problems you have that most western docs don’t have time or interest in dealing with. Glad I found Protea!

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  • Marcella C. - 11/13/15 -

    My mother and I have been going to Dr. McCarthy at Protea Medical Center for a few years now.  Not only is Dr. McCarthy incredible at what he does, he really cares about his patients and takes the time to get to know them and what they need.  I never feel rushed in an appointment and know that he is really listening to my needs.  He sees many patients every day, but he makes us feel special every time we go in.  He remembers our past appointments, and the treatments me have been receiving.  It makes me feel good knowing that I am in his care and he is looking out for our best interests.  I definitely recommend Dr. McCarthy to everyone.

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  • Marianne M. - 11/05/15 -

    I didn’t actually know how bad I felt until l saw Dr. Brendan for my hormonal imbalance and the treatment he gave me made me feel so much better! It was truly amazing – he is an incredible doctor. He treats all his patients like his best friend and as others on here have commented takes the time to get to know who you are. He researches so he can be well informed of the particular issues you are dealing with and communicates in a way that is understandable. I have never met a Dr. so in tune with and committed to his patients health and over all well being. I recommend Dr. B to everyone I know, he does amazing work!

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  • Taylor B. - 11/03/15 -

    From a young age, I was submerged in the medical system due to some unfamiliar ailments and symptoms after an overseas mission trip. Beginning at age 17, I spent nearly every day of the rest of my high school experience at Mayo clinic. I saw nearly every kind of specialist. Was poked with more needles than I can count. Written more pain pill prescriptions than is healthy. (don’t worry, I didn’t take them) I was run through nearly every test imaginable. That is, every test except for the ones I requested. I was nothing more than a test specimen. I didn’t fit in their trick box of diagnosis, so therefore, the doctors simply told me the issue was in my head. Desperate to find the source and solution to my sickness I even saw a psychiatrist. However, the psychiatrist quickly dismissed any option of it being a mental issue.

    Drained of blood, from endless blood tests, and hope of ever being healed, I had complete distrust for any doctor and the medical system all together. I set out to simply live as healthy as one could. I was determined to get the most out of life in spite of constant pain and lethargy. Focused on nutritional medicine, I spent the next several years researching and implementing the healthiest lifestyle I could come up with. Pain was something I could tolerate.

    With such a limited diet, and more travels abroad for education, I was extremely thin and became concerned my body was beginning to shut down. So, I saw a nutritionist. She recommended I get some tests run, but with my mistrust for our medical system I ask if she at least had a Naturopath she could recommend. “Ironically” she had one. She had met Dr. McCarthy the day prior to me seeing her, uncanny timing if I do say so myself. That week, with my novel of a medical history, I went to Protea to see Dr. McCarthy. With a true level of care and interest to see me healthy, he went through every page of my medical reports. He spent time getting to know me as an individual and as a patient. He cast a wide net and was willing to think outside of the tight box other medical practices are refined to. Sure enough, he quickly discovered a bacteria that could have killed me prior to finding it.

    At age 21, under the care of Dr. McCarthy I began long road to healing and getting my body back to health. My body had shut down every non vital function in order to focus on staying alive, particularly hormone production. He has worked to get my hormones back to their peak levels and ensure I am not masking symptoms but am truly healthy. He is unlike any doctor I have ever encountered (which is a lot) and has a genuine concern for individual’s wellbeing. I can highly recommend and attest to his level of care within his practice. He will be my doctor for life.

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  • Deborah O. - 08/24/15 -

    Protea Medical Center has the friendliest staff and Dr McCarthy who is the best in his field. He listens to you and gathers key information about your health or symptoms that are occurring. He does comprehensive testing to explore the root problem and not try to just help the symptom. His approach is teaching his patient exactly what is going on and together agreeing on a precise plan. I recommend Dr. McCarthy to all my friends and family knowing he will care and treat them back to perfect health.

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  • David G. - 07/22/15 -

    I have been a patient of Protea’s for a few years now and I have to say that Dr. McCarthy has given me the best workup and health analysis I’ve ever received from a doctor.

    They are very professional all around and provide such a great patient experience from beginning to end. I would wholeheartedly recommend Protea medical center to my family and friends.

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  • Janelle V. - 09/15/14 -

    I visited the center in Arrowhead/Glendale. I visited this clinic as a first-timer to try injectables.

    Was pleasantly greeted upon my arrival.

    The person who had an appointment before me was a little late, so I waited about 15-20 mins. No problem. Receptionist was sincerely apologetic.

    Clinic was clean, there was a public waiting area by the receptionist and also a private waiting room down the hall.

    The nurse who showed me the room was nice and was quick to grab the doctor.

    The doctor who performed the service was very friendly, very helpful in answering my questions, and I could tell she cared about my wellbeing.

    The service itself was quick and painless.
    The price I paid was great, and I would be totally comfortable returning to this place for a future visit.

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  • Danielle I. - 05/30/14 -

    I have been treated for hypothyroid for about 17 years. I have stated through most of these that I always felt under cared-for by the physicians that treated me. Even though I would sit there in front of them, heavily burdened with uncomfortable, chronic AND acute symptoms, rarely would any of these treating physicians look up from my “normal” labs to treat the human being sitting right there in front of them. Never did any of them suggest additional testing to find out why I wasn’t feeling 100%. If I asked questions, I was easily dismissed, just to continue half-assed treatment…or maybe even referred to another half-assed physician who would do no better.

    THEN I was referred to Protea by not one, but two, different people. At my first opportunity, I called to make an appointment to see if I could finally find someone that would help me get to the bottom of my imbalances. My experience was nothing but awesome from that very first phone call. They answered my questions regarding billing, cost of services, etc, without making me feel rushed. They scheduled me with Dr. Whaley and she was also an absolute delight! I actually felt “heard” for the first time in my life!

    Dr. Whaley was eager to do thorough testing to get a completely accurate picture of what is really going on with me. She answered all my questions, even the ones I didn’t think to ask. She was incredibly informative, compassionate, and willing to work WITH me as a part of my healing team. She drew some conclusions about what might be going on and encouraged me to do research and contact her directly with any further questions. When my labs came back, she went through line by line, helping me understand all the good and no-so-good levels. As it turns out, her suspicions were accurate and now I am well on my way to recovering from decades of feeling like dog shit!

    I look forward to bringing certain members of my family in to begin their road to recovery, as well. Thank you, Dr. Whaley, for taking as much time as was needed to make me feel comfortable and supported! Thank you, Dr. McCarthy, for bringing her onto your team!

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  • Terri L. - 05/27/14 -

    Best doctor I’ve ever been to! Brendan McCarthy is a rare breed of doctor that still cares for each and every one of his patients. And he actually listens to you, how awesome is that?!?! Thanks Doc and the entire staff at Protea 🙂

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  • Jana B. - 05/01/13 -

    Dr. McCarthy is one of the best physicians I have ever had the privilege of meeting, being a patient of and working with.  I have never felt better then I feel now and Dr. McCarthy is the reason.  His knowledge, experience and wiliness to listen is commendable.  I refer patients to him all the time and they all come back to report that he is awesome.  This is an excellent staff and Doctor.

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  • Nicole M. - 04/13/14 -

    Never have I felt more taken care of and heard then at Protea. Dr. McCarthy looks you in the eye and remembers your name. Never will I ever go anywhere else. He has raised the bar! Amazing. Truly amazing.

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  • Nancy W. - 04/06/13 -

    It’s been 3 years + and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Best understanding Dr around.

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  • Laura A. - 02/19/13 -

    Was in in December for a consultation and a face filler. I have been a recipient of fillers for a while now. Dr McCarthy knows his stuff! And before he does ANYTHING AT ALL…there is always an education to the patient first. Nothing is done until my knowledge con the subject is comfortable. He did a great job!
    In Illinois, we get info from the nurse, the Doc is in and out. Any questions…always the nurse. I will be flying back in the Spring to see Doc again. He is worth the trip!
    And his staff is exceptional!

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  • Francesca H. - 10/29/12 -

    I had a great experience with my visit here. I was using a groupon and sometimes I get nervous that the place I go with a groupon will be rude but the staff and doctor were all very warm and welcoming.  I was getting botox in my two top lines on my forehead it was my first time and he put me at ease very quickly.The doctor was very aware of the lines on my face and told me what products would be best for me as well as gave awesome nutritional advice that I was not expecting at all.  It was great to see a doctor that new what he was talking about.  The clinic was small, clean, and cozy.  I intend on going for a second visit in a few months, even if it means I drive over an hour to get there.

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  • Saki N. - 08/20/11 -

    I have consulted Dr. Nishek when she worked at Protea in November of 2010. Just this month (August 2011) I went back to be a patient of Dr. McCarthy who has done a couple of acupuncture treatments on me a year prior. Dr. McCarthy is very informative, very friendly, and super compassionate. When I walk out the door, I always feel that my whole person has been cared for. I love the setting in the lobby. It feels very calm, fresh, and makes me feel at home. In the midst of my busy life, I can sit back and breathe and focus on my health and well being in that space. Staff at Protea are very helpful and easy to talk to about any questions that you might have. To me, Protea is a safe haven for my health care needs.

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  • Jennifer W. - 06/11/08 -

    Brendan McCarthy, ND, LAc was my acupuncturist before he graduated from SCNM, and now he’s my husband’s doctor as well. He’s phenomenally friendly and super cool. He’ll take an extraordinary amount of time researching your case, answering your questions, and making you feel better. He does acupuncture, herbs, hormone balancing, environmental medicine, physical medicine and a ton of IVs for any disease process you may have going on.

    I’m currently doing a rotation here and have had the opportunity to see Dr. McCarthy work with a variety of patients. They all love him. Today one of them even said “He’s so great because he makes me feel as if I’m the only patient.”

    He also has a colon hydrotherapist here doing colonics and Garrett Wdowin, ND just joined the practice as well.

    And, he’s really good with fitting people into his schedule. No waiting for weeks for an appointment here.

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