This is the typical body progression of the average American male as his testosterone drops and he ages.

Don’t wait and let your health slip any further. Get your testosterone levels tested and evaluated by an expert.

A brief questionnaire to assess testosterone (T) status.
By answering “Yes” to either questions 1 or 7 then you may have low T.
Or, by answering “Yes” to three or more of the questions then you may have low testosterone.

Have you been experiencing a…

1) decrease in libido (sex drive)?

2) lack of energy?

3) decrease in strength and/or endurance?

4) loss of height?

5) a decreased “enjoyment of life”?

6) increase in sad and/or grumpy feelings?

7) erections that are less firm?

8) recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?

9) desire to fall asleep right after dinner?

10) recent deterioration in your work performance?

Protea Medical Center offers laboratory testing and, if necessary, treatment options to raise testosterone levels back to optimal levels.

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This ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male) questionnaire is adapted from Morley JE. Metabolism. 2000;49:1239-1242.

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