By using your own stem cells we are able to rejuvenate, repair, reshape, and restore your body’s aged and worn areas to a much more youthful and attractive appearance. Best of all it is safe, natural and there is no risk of permanent damage.

The initial visit with the physician will typically last 90 minutes. During that time they will discuss the patient’s medical history, review any available labs, perform physical exams, discuss treatment options, and put together an individualized treatment plan.

Example Therapy:

bone-marrow-harvestOne treatment modality available at Protea is the use of autologous (of the patient) stem cell therapy.Stem cell therapies are the most exciting, promising, and powerful therapies in regenerative medicine.  Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) can be harvested from the patient’s own bone marrow, isolated, and reintroduced into the damaged areas of the body to promote regeneration of healthy tissue and improve system/organ function.

The Research
G-CSF enhanced the availability of circulating hematopoietic stem cells to the brain and their capacity for neurogenesis and angiogenesis.W. Shyu et al. Functional Recovery of Stroke Rats Induced by Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor -Stimulated Stem Cells. Circulation, 2004,
Bone marrow derived stem cells can differentiate into a number of tissue types including cardiac, lung, skeletal muscle, skin, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, pancreas and central nervous tissue.J. Grove et al. Plasticity of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells. Stem Cell, 2004.