Topical Hormones: Convenience at the Cost of Safety

Topical hormone treatments are seductive. They’re seductive because they are simple. But, in this case, something that is seductive and simple is far from safe. But man doctors still prescribe topical hormone treatments. And, hey, we get it… What’s simpler than rubbing a cream on your skin? Well, few things are as simple as that, but that simplicity comes at a cost you may not have considered.

The fact is: topical hormones can be easily transferred from the user to her clothing, pets, friends and family — basically anything and anyone you touch. One study showed the effects of a woman’s topical hormone use on her family. Within two weeks of using topical hormone therapy, one woman’s spouse and children had increased estrogen levels due to her transferring it. Regarding transferring topical hormones to a spouse: topical hormones can cause enlarged prostates and male pattern baldness in men.

At Protea we do not prescribe topical hormone treatments. If you are currently using topical hormones, or are considering it, please contact us and learn how we can help you. We will sit down with you, evaluate you and your needs, and discuss the many other options to manage your hormone health.