Further Understanding The Intersection of Weight Management and Anxiety & Depression

The body is complex, and it is also complicated. What do we mean by that? We mean that inside your body is a living ecosystem of countless interconnected elements that work together to make you who you are — and figuring out how to fix a “problem area” without disrupting other aspects of your ecosystem can be complicated.

This is why we make the Protea Promise that we will never just throw prescriptions at your surface level symptoms. No, we dig deeper than that. We get to the root of your issues — the cause of your symptoms, and we address those causes.

One example of this is the relationship between stress, anxiety and depression, and healthy weight management. We discussed the connection between stress levels, cortisol production, and weight gain in our blog post: Food Allergies & Weight Gain. To sum it up: Cortisol is a stress hormone which makes your body want to store fat. Cortisol is also found in dairy products, and if you’re sensitive to it, it can exacerbate weight gain. And that exacerbated weight gain will, most likely, be causing you more stress — thus raising your cortisol levels even more.

Let’s now look at another chemical related to weight loss and mental anguish.

In our last blog entry, Spotlight: The Patented Protea SlimShot!, we discussed a chemical compound called inositol. Inositol naturally occurs in cantaloupe and oranges. It can also be found in our Protea SlimShot. We use inositol in our SlimShot because it helps the breakdown of fat. That’s right, it aids weight loss, but it also does something else quite cool.

Inositol is a known mitigator of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. In fact, a recent scientific study (Mukai, T., Kishi, T., Matsuda, Y. and Iwata, N. (2014), A meta-analysis of inositol for depression and anxiety disorders. Hum. Psychopharmacol Clin Exp, 29: 55–63. doi:10.1002/hup.2369) found that inositol is especially effective for women suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

This makes inositol a very valuable chemical compound for our purposes. Stress levels and weight management are inextricably linked. Understanding that is crucial to a holistic approach to your health. We hope this sheds some light on why we designed our Protea SlimShot the way we did. We want to attack the causes of weight gain on all the levels we can.

We will continue to analyze the intersection of healthy weight management and your mood. Remember: you are a biological and scientific creature made up of a complex web of interconnected elements that make you who you are. We’ll see you next time.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

With love,