Visit Protea Glendale for Our Patented Nutritional Injection-Shot Bar

To all Protea patients — old, new and those who will join us soon — we invite you to come by our Glendale location to try out our intramuscular shot bar.

We have a slew of custom-created nutritional injections we developed specifically for our patients. We spent hours, days and weeks carefully crafting blends of vitamins and nutrients to address a variety of needs we regularly see in our patients.

At our Shot Bar, we offer nutritional injections that help aid weight-loss, enhance endurance and lower cholesterol. We also provide injections designed with women in mind. For example, our “Femshot” combines B-6, MIC and Methyl b-12 to enhance the healthy metabolism of estrogen in a woman’s body.

We also let our patients design their own shots to suit their needs. We’ll meet with you, speak with you and help you craft your very own nutritional injection based on your individual body.

Come by Protea Glendale, and pay our shot bar a visit. We are happy to help you live your healthiest life!