A Fantastic New Option for Hair Removal

by | May 28, 2015

Getting rid of unsightly body hair is an issue that men and women are more commonly faced with now as it is societally more accepted to do so. Most ways of hair removal are costly and temporary and ultimately take up a lot of time! They can sometimes hurt also on top of all the other negative side effects! There is a revolution released from Lumenis called Lightsheer Duet hair removal. Here is an article from the Aesthetic guide about what exactly it does. Be sure to book your appointment with us today to see what it’s all about!

Lumenis, Ltd. (Yokneam, Israel) reasserted its lead-
ership in the aesthetic market with the release of
the versatile LightSheer Duet platform for laser hair
removal. Featuring two handpieces, the smaller
spot size ET delivers higher fluences with contact
cooling and the larger spot size HS (high speed)
provides lower fluences with vacuum-assist. The

ability to perform single pass treatments and no
need for external cooling make laser hair remov-
al with LightSheer Duet easier on clinicians, as
well as patients. Furthermore, the HS handpiece’s
safety, efficacy and treatment speed have been
supported by recent clinical trials.

“The fact that new technologies often choose LightSheer as the basis for comparison emphasizes that it’s such a
trusted and popular device.” 

“Harnessing the principle of selective photothermolysis for hair removal is very effec-
tive,” Dr. Halachmi stated, “but it can be somewhat difficult for patients to tolerate due
to long treatment times, and some discomfort. There is also an inherent risk in some
treatments because higher fluences translate into greater discomfort and an increased
risk of adverse events. Laser manufacturers have begun to address this problem by
developing creative technologies that deliver the laser energy in different ways, so that
the hair follicle absorbs a therapeutic level of energy but the temperature of the epider-
mis remains low and safe.” 

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