Leaders in the field of regenerative medicine and through advanced
training and extensive clinical experience.

Dedicated to advancing medicine and treating our patients as individuals


We offer a full range of integrative medical services
to our female and male patients.

Our physicians are dedicated to helping each of our clients rediscover optimal health balance.

Arizona’s Best Medical Wellness & Regenerative Medicine Clinic

Protea Medical Center

Located in Chandler, Arizona, Protea Medical Center stands out for its quality of care. At Protea we treat common issues associated with hormone imbalances, such as: Fatigue, depression, anxiety, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), abnormal weight gain, erectile dysfunction, elevated cholesterol, and symptoms common with menopause including night sweats and hot flashes.

Our goal is to provide personalized treatment protocols that work. To achieve this , we approach our patients with these simple steps:

  • We Listen

    We listen to you and your medical history. With this information, we create a list of possible causes, and through insurance covered lab work we confirm.

  • We Explain

    We explain the nature of our findings in a non-jargon manor. Based upon your lab work, we formulate a unique treatment specific to your needs.

  • We Re-Examine

    After a specific period of time, we re-examine your symptoms and your labs.

  • We Set Long Term Goals

    If your symptoms are relieved and your labs are optimal,  we set a long term protocol to help maintain this balance with periodic check-ins. If symptoms are not relieved, we re-adjust your treatment, re-test, and re-evaluate.

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