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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

We believe testing is crucial to determine the actual hormone levels of each woman. We assess hormone levels as well as nutritional status to determine function of the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, blood sugar handling, digestion, and many other health issues. These tests can be done at our office or at a laboratory near you.

Our protocols involve the use of bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements and dietary adjustments.

Every protocol is designed specifically for each woman according to her individual needs. We do not use a pre-formulated plan to give generically to all women based on symptoms. We know every woman’s needs are unique.

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Hormonal Problems For Women Are Often Broken Up As Follows


This term references the start of the regular menstrual to the last regular menstrual cycle. The beginning of premenopause references the first menstrual cycle, however the last regular menstrual cycle occurs at different stages for each women. The last regular menstrual cycle can occur for women in their late thirties and for women in their forties.


This next stage is considered the transitional stage. This stage ranges from two up to ten years with an average of about four years for most women. Symptoms can be wide ranging from hot flashes, irregular periods, fatigue, to trouble sleeping and mood swings.


This represents the end of a women’s reproductive cycle. This stage occurs twelve months after a women’s last menstrual cycle and is the end of menstrual cycles. The current average age in the United States is 51. At this stage a woman can no longer become naturally pregnant.


This is the stage after menopause. The start of this stage is normally gauged as the twelve full months passed the final menstrual period and after menopause is complete.

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